Timber Door Canopies ~ Bespoke Double Hip Mono Pitch Canopy and Screen

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Double Hip Canopy and Screen PAH site shoy
CodeOverall Width [mm]Projection [mm]Height above door head [mm]WeightPrice
Sold OutD/H/M/P/CAN/SCREEN2300700850180£1,249.50
    A timber 45 degree mono pitch double hip canopy, with a pair of bespoke gallows brackets, fitted with a centre division screen. The top of the screen is trellis trellis and the bottom is TG&V two sides boarded. the centre post is carried on a galvanised steel shoe. The soffit is boarded with TG&V one side timber.
    2300mm Wide.
    700mm Projection.
    Technical Information
    A timber mono pitch double hip canopy, with a pair of bespoke 680mm projection 1000mm high Ex 100mm x 75mm, 60 degree brace gallows brackets.
    The roof construction is Ex 100mm x 38mm whites PSE rafters, ceiling joists, hip rafters struts and perimeter beam, glued and nailed together to form a 45 degree double hip, mono pitch roof carcass.
    Ex 200mm x 25mm reds PSE fascia boards are miter jointed and nailed to the carcass.
    A division screen is made from Ex 100mm x 100mm post Ex 100mm x 65mm jambe Ex 100mm x 75mm head, mid rail and base rail. ex 100mmx 25mm TG&V two sides boarding to boom of the screen and 25mm x 18mm trellis work. The post is mounted on a galvanized steel shoe. The soffit is TG&V one side boarded.
    • Roof 45 degree.
    • Carcassing Ex 100mm Ex 38mm whites PSE.
    • Fascia boards Ex 200mm x 25mm reds PSE.
    • Soffit boards Ex 100mm x 25mm reds TG&V one side.
    • Gallows Brackets.
    • Ex 100mm x 75mm reds PSE head, upright and brace.
    • 60 degree angle of the brace.
    • Screen.
    • Top trellis, bottom TG&V two sides fitted in groves in the frame.
    • Post Ex 100mmx 100mm PSE reds.
    • Jambe Ex 100mmx 75mm PSE reds.
    • Head, Mid and bottom rails Ex 100mm x 75mm PSE reds.
    • Trellis Ex 25mm x 28mm PSE reds.
    • Boarding TG&V two sides reds.
    • Shoe galvanised steel.
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