Bay window lead look low fall GRP roof. GSC-B-R

Bay window lead look low fall GRP roof. GSC-B-R

Product Code: GSC-B-R
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Bay window lead look GRP roof built to your specification. Manufactured in the dry and so allows you to fit in the wet!

Price is per metre based on a projection of 700mm. Please do not add to the shopping basket as the prices are besoke to the canopy required. Please send us the required measurements.

  • Splay bay window, example shown is 2440mm wide, 705mm projection with 135 degree splay returns, 70mm deep porfile. No fascia board required as roof is to sit directly onto the bay window. The roof has a plywwod stub soffit 150mm wide around the leading edges. The roof is fitted with two lead loo lead rolls, a 70mm down stand to the leading edges to form a drip. a 90mm high upstand to the masonry abutment. The timber and plywood carcass is over laminated with lead look glass reinforced plastic to give a realistic lead roof appearance.
  • Unlike some roofs this has a timber and plywood carcass ensuring more strength.
  • Please send your measurements in for a qoute!
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