Metal Post Supports Sheffield

Acquire Metal Post Supports Sheffield 

If you need metal post supports Sheffield for ones building job, contact the industry professionals at Canopy Products. We could offer metal post supports Sheffield & all over Great Britain. Stop decay while keeping the wet weather out of your post! Manufactured to accommodate all our standard posts; our height adjustable, metal post bases are excellent good value. Built to be built into masonry, affixed straight into concrete, or concreted in the ground.  

Available forms of metal post supports Sheffield 

We have a number of different metal post supports Sheffield such as:  
stainless steel vertical plate posts 
metal plate post bases 
metal stirrup post bases 
steel cup post bases 
galvanised steel plate post bases and cup post bases. 

Vertical plate posts (SS) 

Our array of 304 stainless steel post bases are made to be resistant to serious contact with the weather. By keeping the post on top of the ground level out of the damp areas and permitting the post foot to dry out , it helps avoid rot whilst prolonging the life span of the post.  
Bottom plate 155mm x 155mm x 12mm, 326mm high, post plate 120mm x 120mm x 8mm, vertical fixing plate 110mm x 90mm x 8mm, weight 5kg- axial load of 2.36kn (240kg), lateral load of 3.4kn (346kg) based on the canopy roof details contained within our pdf drawing p1. Ssbfh0 

Stainless steel plate post bases 

Found in twelve styles, our stainless steel post bases are designed to be resistant to being exposed to the weather. Keeping posts higher than ground level it is going to dry more quickly and extend the posts' life.  

Stirrup post bases (SS) 

Conveniently obtainable in 12 models, our choice of structural height variable steel post bases in a stirrup style are created also to be resistant to exposure to the elements. By maintaining the timber post above the level of the ground from the moist areas and enabling the foot to dry after precipitation helps to avoid decay and expand the life of your post. The stirrup has fixing holes for stainless steel coach screws or steel dome nut and bolt sets to produce wind lift restraint. 

Stainless-steel cup post bases 

Our metal cup post bases can be found in 9 different types, our metal post cup was created to be resistant against heavy rain. Keeping the timber post higher than ground level away from the moistened areas and allowing the post foot to dry out after rain stops corrosion prolonging the lifespan of the post. Cups have rain water drainage holes; wind restraint is supplied by means of screws or domed head nuts and bolt set to attach the timber post to the post cup. 

Galvanized steel cup and/or plate post bases 

We've got a superb array of galvanized steel plate post bases and cup post bases. Call us to discuss your needs with our qualified team.