Metro G.R.P. Canopy1504mm, projection 600mm METRO

Metro G.R.P. Canopy1504mm, projection 600mm METRO

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The Metro mono pitch door canopy is a simple solution to water getting through a door. It is a light weight one piece G.R.P. 1504mm wide, 600mm projection, height, 380mm, maximum brick opening 1456mm. Weight 10kg. 

  • A moulded mono pitch hood type product, with gently curved side cheeks that fix back to the wall. The outer surfaces are high gloss and the inside of the product is flow coated to give a clean gloss surface under the roof and on the inside of the cheeks.
  • It is available white and grey as standard other colors and sizesare available at extra cost. Please contact us for information. Please advise when ordering the colour required.
  • Technical- Simply drill the angled flange around the product in the required positions to receive wood screws, hold up the product in position then mark the masonry with a scribe. Drill holes to receive wood screw plugs, fit the plugs and screw the canopy up to the wall. The canopy has a 60mm high up-stand on the wall edge of the roof fabrication to receive a lead flashing or mastic seal.
  • Prices exclude delivery. Available for next day delivery.
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