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Timber has made a come back and is now a common sense, responsible option with a large role to play in the future of the Construction Industry. Engineered Timber is leading the way.

Engineered Timber v Solid wood

Engineered timber uses selected pieces of wood. These prime layers of wood are glued, compressed and laminated together to form engineered timber.

The result:

  • Reduces the settling time as the smaller sections are kiln dried  
  • Avoids sourcing whole pieces of defect free solid timber
  • The glue line is stronger than the timber itself; it also has all defects and knots removed. This makes engineered timber 60% stronger than its solid timber counterpart
  • Glueing alternating vertical grains reducing the usual expansion and contraction that is characteristic of solid timber. This improves the appearance of the engineered timber by ensuring the paint finish lasts longer.

Its Friendly also!

Certified and responsibility grown and is one of the most sustainable and renewable construction material available

Planting and growing trees takes the carbon out of the atmosphere which means timber is carbon negative

Engineered timber generates less waste than solid timber (around 25%). The waste is recycled making it one of the greenest materials to build with.



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