Timber Gallows Brackets Southampton

Get your Timber Gallows Brackets Southampton 

Get in touch with Canopy Products when you need timber gallows brackets Southampton. You will discover a great variety of available, in stock, plus made to order gallows brackets and may deliver to you in Southampton. 

What types of timber gallows brackets Southampton are available? 

There are actually heavy duty timber gallows brackets and a standard range.  
Standard Range:
Straight Brace 
Curved Brace 
Shaped Brace 
Corbel Brace 
If you are looking for Straight Brace timber gallows brackets you will find there's an amazing selection to pick from. 
With the Curved Brace collection we have got 15 fantastic and distinctive models to choose from, and listed from only £41. 
Within our Shaped Brace Gallows Brackets collection we've about 10 variations in stock. These are priced from only £34 plus tax, outstanding. 
Our most cost effective collection of gallows brackets are our very own corbel brace brackets that are priced from just £22.54. We offer 3 fantastic styles for you to choose.  
Our heavy-duty range of timber gallows brackets:
Pricing under £180, the heavy duty range of timber gallows brackets have a SWL of over 270kg driving them to be an excellent option for bigger projects. 
Available from around £160 and a SWL of nearly 370kg, our very own Engineered Timber Gallows Brackets are quite in demand as they're great value. 
Conveniently obtainable are resin kits and fixing kits. 

Distribution of timber gallows brackets Southampton 

At Canopy Products we can ship timber gallows brackets Southampton For any stored items we make an effort to dispatch for next day shipping and delivery. Unless of course a pre-order message is displayed on the product page, an item ought to be in store and awaiting delivery. Consult with a professional before choosing timber gallows brackets Southampton, call up us on 01706 822665 or email sales@canopyproducts.co.uk