Timber Gallows Brackets West Lothian

Pick up Timber Gallows Brackets West Lothian 

Call Canopy Products when you want timber gallows brackets West Lothian. With 50 timber gallows brackets available for delivery to West Lothian, and all expertly designed, why would you shop elsewhere? 

Available timber gallows brackets West Lothian 

You will find heavy duty timber gallows brackets as well as a standard range.  
The Standard Range contains: 
Straight Brace 
Curved Brace 
Shaped Brace 
Corbel Brace 
There are 23 different types of Straight Braced timber gallows brackets. 
Billed from £40, we have now 15 styles of curved braced gallows brackets you could choose. 
Priced from just £34, the collection of shaped braced gallows brackets are an amazing collection. 
Our most cost effective variety of gallows brackets are our corbel brace brackets that are priced from £22.54. Our company has 3 fantastic styles which you could choose.  
The Heavy-duty Selection: 
Heavy duty 
Working with a SWL (Safe Working Load) that could reach over 270kg, our heavy duty collection is priced at lower than £180. 
Available from roughly £160 as well as a SWL of almost 370kg, our own Engineered Timber Gallows Brackets have become popular as they're good value for money. 
Fixing kits and resin kits can be purchased too, quickly add these to your basket. 

Distribution of timber gallows brackets West Lothian 

 Any and all brackets that happen to be in store could possibly be delivered for a overnight service (Ts&Cs apply). A majority of our products are in stock awaiting dispatch except if a pre-order note is shown under the products description. To talk with one of our qualified team please contact Canopy Products on 01706 822665 or mail sales@canopyproducts.co.uk