Structural Timber Gallows Corbel Brace

Corbel Brace

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  • Timber Corbel Bracket 230 mm projection SWL 151kg F-CT-1
    FCT-1   profiled corbel, High- 300mm, Projection 230mm, head and upright 75mm x 50mm, brace 200mm x 50mm. weight 1.5kg. SWL 151kg. • The leading edge of the brace has convex and concave curves. Stop bevels are applied to leading edges of the head and upright and to four edges of the brace..
    Ex Tax: £22.54 £27.05
  • Timber Corbel Bracket 300mm projection SWL 210kg F-CL-3
    Fittings Kit Includes: Through bolts M10 120mm x2 X2 Oak mushroom caps 25mm For the following brackets (section size 75mm) Resin Kit Includes: x2 resin set 160mm M12 X2 mushroom caps CL-3   profiled corbel, High- 400mm, Projection 300mm, head and upright 100mm x..
    Ex Tax: £56.13 £67.36
  • Timber Corbel Bracket 470mm projection SWL 389kg f-CL-2
    Fittings Kit Includes: Through bolts M12 140mm x2 X 2 Oak mushroom caps For the following brackets (section sizes 100mm) Resin Kit Includes: x2resin set 200mm M16 X2 mushroom caps CL2   profiled corbel, High- 680mm, Projection 470mm, head and upright 150mm x 100..
    Ex Tax: £84.41 £101.29