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Developed from a sustainable source, Accoya products will undergo a non-toxic preparation method called acetylation.  The results are a stunning wood which offers an extremely long lasting and high performance. 

Following acetylation, the Accoya wood will be good for products such as finials, doors, windows, etc. It's perfect for uses where tolerances are tight irrespective of conditions. Accoya wood is likewise excellent for purposes where pure beauty of wood is required, still where sustainability and high performance are ecessary, for instance decking.  

Buying Accoya Products Cardiff, Characteristics & Advantages 
There are several benefits of using Accoya wood on projects such as finials, decks, doors and frames; listed below are a few:

Dimensionally Stable 

Swelling and Shrinkage lessened by 75% 
Windows and doors are going to open easily all year round 
Minimal routine maintenance fees 
Marvellous Durability 

Accoya wood could last upto five decades above ground level and 25 years in the earth or in water 

Resistance against rotting 
The minimum 70 year service life as stated by TRADA 

Finishes last two times longer on account of enhanced stability 

Much less sanding as well as other prep work would be needed compared to other timber 

An All Natural Insulator 

Supplies improved insulation as opposed to various other common hard and softwoods 

Perfect on applications where energy conservation is required 
Good Machinability 

When machining or processing, there won't be any special tools necessary 

Bugs Don't Like It 

Indigestible to most insects which includes harmful termites 

Continuous Quality Throughout 

If cut or planed, will not need preservatives 
Continuous, measurable modification quality from surface to the core 

Such an Attractive Natural Timber 

Accoya treatment processes will not compromise all-natural beauty of the wood 

From FSC, PEFC as well as other regionally certified woods 
Naturally Tough 

Improved durability 
Significant strength to weight ratio 
The process would not damage the timber's durability 
Non-Toxic Eco friendly 

May be properly incinerated, recycled, reused 
Safeguards the environment from nasty effects of alternative standard wooden treatments 

Barefoot Friendly 

Ideal for decking situations like pools, steam rooms and sauna rooms 

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