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Accoya products are made with an environmentally friendly source which undergoes a non toxic preparation technique called acetylation which will modify the wood completely. This gives the wood a higher performance, is durable and possesses a lovely finish. 

Accoya wood is great for doors and windows, not to mention finials. Where tolerances to conditions are elevated, Accoya wood would be ideal. Accoya wood can also be excellent for humid, heated locations, for example steam rooms or saunas.  

Buying Accoya Products Coventry, Characteristics & Added Benefits 



Here's some of the many benefits associated with Accoya Wood 


Dimensionally Stable 
Shrinkage and swelling decreased by up to 75% 
Doors and windows will open up easily over summer and winter 
Servicing expenditures lessened 
Long lasting up to 25 years underground or in water, or a massive 50 years higher than ground level, Accoya wood is massively long-lasting 
Resistant against rotting 
As stated by TRADA Accoya woods come with a 70 year service life 
Perfect for Coating 
Because of Accoya's stability, coatings and finishes last 2 x longer 
Not as much sanding as well as other prep work will be needed when compared with other woods 
Naturally Insulating 
Better insulation 
Perfect on applications where energy conservation is required 
Extremely Good Machinability 
No special tools necessary to machine and process 
Termite Free 
Indigestible to the majority of insects which include harmful termites 
Continuous Quality Throughout 
When cut or planed, will not require preservatives 
Continuous, measurable modification quality from surface area to center 
Really Gorgeous Natural Timber 
Accoya treatment processes would not compromise the natural attractiveness of the wood 
Sustainably Sourced Timber 
Regionally certified timber from PEFC and FSC 
 Retained Toughness and Solidity 
Improved hardness 
Substantial toughness to weight ratio 
The procedure isn't going to undermine timber's strength 
Non toxic Recyclable 
Could be securely reused, incinerated and recycled 
Helps to protect the atmosphere from nasty effects of some other commonplace wood treatments 
Foot Safe 
Excellent for deck situations which include saunas, steam rooms, pools 
Low thermal gain 

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