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Accoya products are built from a eco friendly source which goes through a non-toxic preparation process called acetylation that will modify the wood completely. The result is an attractive wood which gives a really long lasting and high performance.  

Accoya wood is great for windows and doors, and of course finials. It really is well suited for uses where tolerances are tight irrespective of conditions. Accoya wood is additionally good for moist, warm zones, such as steam rooms or saunas. 


Features and Benefits of Buying Accoya Products Manchester


Stable for all Dimensions

Swelling and Shrinkage lessened by 75%

Doors and windows will be able to open up simply month in month out

Minimal servicing fees


Amazing Durability

Accoya wood can last upto half a century higher than ground level and 25 years in the earth or in water


Rot proof

The minimum 70 year service life as per TRADA


Perfect for Coating

Finishes last several times more on account of enhanced stability

Much less prep required


An All Natural Insulator

Gives you increased insulation in comparison to other common hard and softwoods

Perfect on applications where energy conservation is required


Impressive Machinability

No distinctive tools necessary to machine and process


Termite Free

Indigestible to the majority of insects which includes termites


Quality is Consistent

When cut or planed, do not require chemical preservatives

Regular, measurable modification quality coming from the surface to the center


Organically Lovely Wood

Accoya treatment processes would not damage all-natural appeal of the timber


Sustainably Sourced Timber

From FSC, PEFC along with other regionally certified woods



Maintained Strength and Solidity

Elevated durability

High toughness to weight ratio

This process will not affect the timber's strength



Could be securely reused, incinerated and recycled

Safeguards environmental surroundings from harmful effects of some other typical wooden treatment options


Foot Friendly

Perfect for deck situations similar to steeamrooms and saunas



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