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Developed from a sustainable source, Accoya products will undergo a procedure of preparation which is a non-toxic acetylation forever transforming the wood. This gives the wood a very high performance, is durable and has a wonderful finish.

Accoya wood is great for doors and windows, and finials. Where tolerances to climate is elevated, Accoya wood will be ideally suited. Accoya wood is furthermore great for uses where natural beauty of wood is essential, yet in which sustainability and high performance are required, such as patio decking.

Features and Benefits to Buy Accoya Chester

There are several advantages of choosing Accoya wood on projects like finials, patio decking, doors and frames; here are just a few:
Stable for all Dimensions
Shrinking and swelling is often decreased by up to 75%
Doors and windows can open easily all year long
Reduced routine maintenance costs

Lasting as many as 25 years underground or in water, or a significant fifty years higher than ground level, Accoya wood is massively durable
Rot resistant
As stated by TRADA Accoya woods feature a seventy yr service life

An excellent option for Coating
As a result of Accoya’s stability, coatings and finishes last 2 x longer
Less preparation and sanding required

Naturally Insulating
Accoya timber have got an improved insulation
Perfect on applications where energy conservation is required

Good Machinability
When machining or processing, there won’t be any special tools needed

Pests Hate It
Bugs (including termites) are not able to process Accoya

Regular Quality Throughout
When cut or planed, do not require chemical type preservatives
Steady, measurable modification quality from surface area to core

Really Gorgeous Natural Timber
Accoya treatment processes isn’t going to damage all-natural beauty of the timber

From FSC, PEFC as well as other regionally certified woods

Naturally Strengthened
Elevated hardness
Elevated durability to weight ratio
The process isn’t going to undermine the wood’s durability

Non toxic Recyclable
May be properly reused, incinerated and recycled
Safeguards the environment from harmful effects of some other well-known timber treatments

Barefoot Safe
Ideal for deck jobs such as pools, steam rooms and sauna rooms

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