Buy Accoya Glasgow

Buy Accoya Glasgow 

Developed from a sustainable source, Accoya products will undergo an operation of preparation that is a non-toxic acetylation permanently changing the wood. The results are an attractive wood which offers an exceptionally long lasting and high performance. 
Following acetylation, the Accoya wood will be well suited for items like finials, doors, windows, etc. It's an excellent option for uses in which tolerances are tight in spite of conditions. Accoya wood is best for damp, warm locations, for example steam rooms or saunas.  

Benefits and features to Buy Accoya Glasgow 

The following are many primary advantages of Accoya Wood 
Dimensionally Stable 
Shrinking and swelling reduced by up to 75% 
Windows and doors will be able to open up simply all year round 
Reduced upkeep costs 
Extraordinary Durability 
Accoya wood can last up to half a century above ground level and two-and-a-half decades in the ground or under water 
Resistance against rotting 
As per TRADA Accoya woods come with a seventy yr service life 
Great for Coating 
Surface finishes last two times more as a result of increased stability 
Much less sanding or other prep work is going to be required as compared to other timber 
Naturally Insulating 
Increased insulation 
Perfect on applications where energy conservation is required 
Impressive Machinability 
No distinctive tools necessary to machine and process 
Insects Hate It 
The majority of pests will find Accoya woods indigestible 
Consistent Quality Throughout 
Does not need preservative chemicals if cut or planed 
Regular, measurable modification quality coming from the surface to the center 
Organically Gorgeous Wood 
The treatment process will not compromise all-natural appeal of the timber 
From Sustainable Sources 
Regionally certified timber from PEFC and FSC 
Maintained Toughness and Hardness 
Improved toughness 
Significant durability to weight ratio 
The procedure will not compromise wood’s strength 
Non-Toxic Eco friendly 
Can be safely recycled, reused and incinerated 
Safeguards the atmosphere from nasty effects of some other commonplace wooden treatment options 
Foot Safe 
Excellent for decking jobs such as steamrooms and saunas 

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