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Produced from a maintainable source, Accoya products will undergo an operation of preparation that is a non-toxic acetylation. The results are an incredible wood which provides an extremely durable and high performance. 
Accoya wood is ideal for windows and doors, and finials. Where tolerances to climate are elevated, Accoya wood would be ideally suited. Accoya wood is in addition best for applications where natural beauty of wood is necessary, still in which durability and high performance are needed, for instance patio decking.  

Features and Benefits of Buying Accoya Liverpool 

There are a lot of benefits of using Accoya wood on products such as finials, decks, doors and frames; here are just a few: 
Stable on all Dimensions 
Shrinking and swelling reduced by up to 75% 
Doors and windows will open effortlessly all year long 
Minimal maintenance expenditures 
Accoya wood will last up to 50 years higher than ground level and quarter of a century in the earth or in water 
Rot resistant 
The absolute minimum 70 year service life as per TRADA 
Thanks to Accoya's stability, coatings and finishes last 2 x longer 
Not as much sanding and other preparation is required compared with other woods 
Naturally Insulating 
Accoya timbers have an increased insulation 
Perfect on applications where energy conservation is required 
Exceptional Machinability 
No specialized tools necessary to machine and process 
Termite Free 
Almost all pests find Accoya woods indigestible 
Quality is Consistent 
Doesn't need chemicals when cut or planed 
Regular, measurable modification quality from surface area to center 
Effortlessly Attractive Wood 
The treatment process does not compromise the natural appeal of the wood 
From Sustainable Sources 
Regionally certified timber from PEFC and FSC 
Naturally Durable 
Elevated durability 
Significant strength to weight ratio 
The procedure doesn't undermine wood’s strength 
Non toxic Eco friendly 
Could be risk-free recycled, reused and incinerated 
Helps to protect the planet from harmful effects of various other commonplace timber treatments 
Foot Friendly 
Excellent for deck situations like pools, steam rooms and sauna rooms 
Reduced thermal gain 

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