Buy Accoya Newcastle

Buy Accoya Newcastle 

Produced from a maintainable source, Accoya products will follow a process of preparation that is a non-toxic acetylation forever changing the wood. The results are a beautiful wood which delivers a really durable and high performance. 
After acetylation, the Accoya wood will be an excellent option for items including finials, door frames, window frames, etc. It is perfect for uses where tolerances are tight irrespective of conditions. Accoya wood is suitable for wet, heated locations, for instance steam rooms.  

Features and Benefits of Buying Accoya Newcastle 

Stable for all Dimensions 
Shrinking and expanding decreased by up to 75% 
Doors and windows are able to open up effortlessly all year round 
Reduced upkeep costs 
Lasting anywhere up to 25 yrs below ground or in water, or even a tremendous 50 years above ground level, Accoya wood is hugely durable 
Resistant against rotting 
As reported by TRADA Accoya woods come with a 70 year minimum service life 
As a result of Accoya's stability, coatings and finishes last 2 x longer 
Significantly less prep and sanding required 
Naturally Insulating 
Improved insulation 
Perfect on applications where energy conservation is required 
Amazing Machinability 
When machining or processing, there won't be any special tools necessary 
Insect Barriers 
Almost all pests find Accoya woods indigestible 
Regular Quality Throughout 
When cut or planed, do not require chemical type preservatives 
Continuous, measurable modification quality from surface to the core 
Effortlessly Lovely Wood 
The treatment process doesn't damage the natural appeal of the timber 
Sustainably Sourced Timber 
From FSC, PEFC as well as other regionally certified woods 
Economically renewable 
Maintained Toughness and Solidity 
Enhanced toughness 
Substantial durability to weight ratio 
This process is not going to damage wood’s strength 
Non toxic Recyclable 
Could be securely reused, incinerated and recycled 
Safeguards the atmosphere from nasty effects of some other well-known timber treatments 
Foot Friendly 
Great for deck situations including saunas, steam rooms, pools 
A lot less splinters 

To Buy Accoya Newcastle Speak to the Specialists 

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