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Made from a sustainable source, Accoya products will undergo a procedure of preparation which is a non-toxic acetylation which will change the wood entirely. Thus giving the wood increased performance, longevity and possesses an exquisite finish. 
After acetylation, the Accoya wood would be ideal for products for example finials, door frames, window frames, and so on. It really is an excellent option for uses where tolerances are tight irrespective of conditions. Accoya wood is in addition most suitable for applications where natural beauty of wood is essential, for instance decking.  

Benefits and features of Buying Accoya Nottingham 

Dimensionally Stable 
Swelling and Shrinkage reduced by 75% 
Windows and doors have the ability to open very easily all year round 
Reduced upkeep expenditures 
Fantastic Durability 
Long-lasting around 25 years underground or even in water, or a huge 50 years higher than ground level, Accoya wood is extremely resilient 
Resistant against rotting 
A minimum 70 year service life as reported by TRADA 
On account of Accoya's stability, coatings and surface finishes last 2 x longer 
Less prep and sanding required 
A Natural Insulator 
Accoya timber possess an increased insulation 
Perfect on applications where energy conservation is required 
Fantastic Machinability 
When machining or processing, there won't be any special tools needed 
Bugs Dislike It 
Indigestible to most insects which include termites 
Quality is Continuous 
If cut or planed, do not require preservatives 
Steady, measurable modification quality from the surface to centre 
Really Attractive Natural Timber 
Accoya treatment processes would not compromise natural beauty of the timber 
From FSC, PEFC and also other regionally certified woods 
Retained Durability and Hardness 
Improved durability 
Substantial strength to weight ratio 
The process would not compromise wood’s strength 
Non-Toxic Recyclable 
Could be risk-free incinerated, recycled, reused 
Protects the planet from ill-effects of various other typical wooden treatments 
Foot Friendly 
Good for deck projects like pools, steam rooms and sauna rooms 
Lower thermal gain 
Considerably less wooden splinters 

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