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Cup Post Bases Newcastle



Stop rot in your fence posts by using our galvanised post bases. Also named shoes or supports, these types of fencing components add years to the life span of your fence. They will permit moisture to depart because they’re not directly into the ground as in the past they would be set in cement foundations. our products allow the posts to be raised above the ground, while still being anchored firmly to the cement footing, protecting the wet away from your post.

A Huge Selection of Cup Post Bases

Our pick of post bases are made to carry timber posts of all sizes plus our standard post sizes. Post bases can be fixed in to concrete in the ground, in a layer of concrete, and/or built in to brickwork.

Cup Post Bases (Galvanised)

Galvanised cup post bases are devised to ensure they’re weather resilient. Similar to the other post bases, maintaining your wooden post above ground level helps ensure water is able to drain out this aids you to prevent rot .

Fixing Our Cup Post Bases Newcastle

Our Cup Post Bases Newcastle  can certainly be set in to cement implementing 2 No 100 mm x M10 thru-bolts or might be concreted into your foundation. Fixing kits are available with post bases, see the specs for each product.

Cup post bases can be 60mm deep, 100mm x 100mm x 3mm. 2 No 10mm holes are drilled in to the cup. The 93.5mm x 93.5mm x 3mm sole plate having 12mm drain and 35mm post hole are laser cut to profile. Welded to the base plate and a steel tube, the cup will be fixed.

The SWL (Safe Working Load) is worked out with a factor of safety of six. For estimated conversion of the SWL in tonnes / 10.

Delivery of Cup Post Bases Newcastle

Here at Canopy Products, we turn out and deliver high quality Cup Post Bases Newcastle . Phone us right now to find out how we will assist you.


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