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Cup Post Bases Nottingham

Galvanised post bases also are named supports or shoes. By implementing post bases you can expect to assist in preventing rot and extend the life span of the fence posts. . our post bases allow the posts to be raised above ground level, whilst continuing to be fixed firmly to the concrete footing, protecting the wet away from your posts. 



A Broad Range of Cup Post Bases Nottingham 



Here at Canopy Products, we have a wonderful range of galvanised post bases to fit most sizes of post. Our complete range of galvanised post bases could very well be built into masonry, cemented in to place or fixed to a layer of concrete.



Galvanised Plate Post Bases



At Canopy Products, our galvanised plate post bases are designed to be resistant against exposure to weather. By preserving the timber post higher than ground level out from the damp places , letting the post foot to dry out after bad weather it helps prevent corrosion and extend the life span with the post.


Cup Post Bases (Galvanised)


Our galvanised post shoe bases (or cup post bases) are made to be resistant to wet conditions. By continuing to keep the wood post higher than ground level out from the moist areas and allowing for the post foot to dry following rain this prevents decay and increase the life span of the wooden posts.



Fixing Our Cup Post Bases Nottingham



Fix to concrete with 2 100mm x M10 thru-bolts. You could also cement your post bases into the foundations. Fixing kits can be found with a lot of post bases, view the specs for any product. 


The 60 mm deep metal cup post base is cut from 100mm x 100mm x 3mm wall steel box section. The cup is drilled with 2 No 10mm holes. A 12mm drain and 35mm post hole would be laser cut to profile on the sole plate. The sole plate being 93.5mm x 93.5mm x 3mm. The post is a 300mm x 34.5 x 2mm wall tube. The 150mm x 150mm x 3 mm base plate is laser cut that has a 35mm post hole and two No x 12mm holes in the edges of the base plate for fixing bolts if required. The cup is welded to the base plate and the steel tube. 



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