Galvanised Plate Post Bases Glasgow

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Galvanised Plate Post Bases Glasgow


Galvanised Plate Post Bases can also be termed supports or shoes. By installing the post bases you will alleviate problems with rot and extend the life span of your posts. . post bases enable the post to be raised up from the ground, whilst still being fixed firmly to the cement foundation, holding the wet from the wooden posts. 



The Assortment of Galvanised Mild Steel Post Bases 



Our range of post bases are created to carry wood posts of any size as well as our common post sizes. Post bases will be permanently fixed into concrete in the earth, to a concrete slab, or crafted directly into brickwork.



Galvanised Cup Post Bases 


Galvanised cup post bases are crafted to ensure they are weather proof. Like with the post bases above, keeping the timber post above ground level would ensure water can drain out and this really helps to protect against rot and decay.



How to Fit Galvanised Plate Post Bases Glasgow



The Galvanised Plate Post Bases Glasgow should be set in to cement using 2 No 100 mm x M10 thru-bolts or may be concreted into the foundation. The wooden post can be fixed on the base with two 40mm x 8mm coach screws if needed. Fixing kits will be obtainable see each fixing section. 


The 60 mm deep galvanised cup post base will be cut from 100mm x 100mm x 3mm steel box section. 2 No 10mm holes are drilled in the cup. The 93.5mm x 93.5mm x 3mm sole plate along with a 12mm drain and 35mm post hole are laser cut to profile. The 150mm x 150mm x 3 mm base plate is laser cut that has a 35mm post hole and 2 No x 12mm holes on the edges on the base plate for getting fixing bolts if needed. The cup is welded on the base plate and the steel tube. 



The Distribution of Galvanised Plate Post Bases Glasgow



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