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Galvanised Post Bases Glasgow



Hinder rot inside of your fence posts by investing in our galvanised post bases. Additionally called shoes, they will add years to the life of your fence. For the reason that wooden posts will not be directly in the ground however in the post base, the water will leave the post. post bases enable the post to be raised above ground level, while continuing to be anchored firmly to the cement foundation, managing to keep the wet from the post.

Our Variety of Galvanised Mild Steel Post Bases

Here at Canopy Products, we have a wonderful selection of post bases to fit almost all sizes of post. Our full choice of galvanised post bases can be built into brickwork, concreted in to place or set in to a layer of concrete.

Plate Post Bases

At Canopy Products, our plate post bases are designed to be resistant to exposure to the elements. By maintaining the timber post higher than ground level out of the wet parts and permitting the post foot to dry out after rainfall it helps hinder corrosion and increase the life of the post.

Cup Post Bases (Galvanised)

Galvanised cup post bases are manufactured to generally be weather resistant. By keeping the timber post higher than ground level out from the wet areas, enabling the post foot to dry out following rain it helps prevent decay and expand the life span of the wooden posts.

The Best Way to Fit Galvanised Post Bases Glasgow

Fix to concrete using 2No 100mm x M10 thru-bolts. You might also cement the post bases into your foundations. Fixing kits are offered with a lot of post bases, view the specifications for each product.

Cup post bases are actually 60mm deep, 100mm x 100mm x 3mm. The cup is drilled with 2 No 10mm holes. A 12mm drain and 35mm post hole will undoubtedly be laser cut to profile on the sole plate. The sole plate is 93.5mm x 93.5mm x 3mm. The 150mm x 150mm x 3 mm base plate is laser cut along with a 35mm post hole and two No x 12mm holes on the corners on the base plate for fixing bolts . Welded to the base plate and a steel tube, the cup will be secured.

The safe working load is assessed by using a factor of safety of six. For approx. conversion of the SWL in to tonnes divided by ten.

Galvanised Post Bases Glasgow Next Day Delivery

Right here at Canopy Products, we develop and deliver high quality Galvanised Post Bases Glasgow. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

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