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Galvanised Post Bases Oxford



Additionally referred to as shoes or supports, these fencing components add years to the life of your fencing. Since the posts will not be directly in the earth however in the post base, the water can leave the post. post bases allow the posts to be elevated out of ground level, whilst continuing to be fixed firmly into a concrete footing, managing to keep the water away from your post.

A Huge Choice of Galvanised Post Bases

Right here at Canopy Products, you will find a superb selection of galvanised post bases to fit pretty much all sizes of post. Canopy Products’ post bases could be permanently fixed in to concrete in the earth, in to a layer of concrete, and/or built in brickwork.

Plate Post Bases

At Canopy Products, our plate post bases are designed to be resistant to exposure to weather conditions. By preserving the post above ground level out from the damp zones , making it possible for the post foot to dry after rain it can help prevent rot and expand the life span of the post.

Cup Post Bases (Galvanised)

Galvanised cup post bases are crafted to generally be weather resistant. Similarly to the post bases above, keeping the timber post above ground level ensures water will be able to drain out which aids you to prevent rot .

Fittng Galvanised Post Bases Oxford

Fix to cement with 2No 100mm x M10 thru-bolts. You might also cement your post bases in the foundations. Fixing kits are readily available with most post bases, see the specs for each product.

Cup post bases tend to be 60mm deep, 100mm x 100mm x 3mm. The cup is drilled with 2 No 10mm holes. A 12mm drain and 35mm post hole would be laser cut to profile on the sole plate. The sole plate to be 93.5mm x 93.5mm x 3mm. Welded into the base plate and a steel tube, the cup will be fixed.

The completed shoe is hot dip galvanised. . The SWL (Safe Working Load) is calculated using a factor of safety of six. For estimated conversion of the SWL in tonnes divided by 10.

Delivery of Galvanised Post Bases Oxford

Here at Canopy Products, we generate and deliver superior quality Galvanised Post Bases Oxford. Phone us now to find out how we will assist you.


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