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Post Support Bases Derby




Electroplated Adjustable Post Support Bases aid the prevention of rot and can keep water away from posts!


The Electroplated Adjustable Post Support Bases could be built into the masonry, fixed to concrete slabs, or even concreted straight in the earth. They could carry an entire variety of post sizes, and naturally all of our standard posts.


Post Support Bases Derby by Canopy Products


Several models of Electroplated Adjustable Post Support Bases are offered at Canopy Products.

Cert No TC22517. Safe Working Loads calculated after destruction testing and have a safety factor of 6 yet, review each items info sheet for SWL.


Product: APB1-BP – 150×150 – Adjustable post base to take top plate

For technical sizes please refer to drawing. SWL dependable on top plate and this can be viewed within the top plate section. Please ensure a top plate is purchased as well as the base plate. Readily available for overnight shipping and delivery (shipping and delivery is priced additionally)

This Electroplated Adjustable Post Support Base is £13.06 vat (£15.67)




Adjustable post base top plate- 100 x 100 to work with post 125×125 APB2-TP

Safe Working Load (SWL) 483kg. For technical sizes check pdf drawing. This product doesn’t include the base which will be purchased separately. Delivery is not included – Readily available for next day shipping (Mainland UK only). Shipping outside of these areas can be quoted individually, please contact us ahead of ordering.

Cost per post support base: £13.88 vat (£16.66)




Adjustable post base top plate- 123 x 123 for use with post size 150×150, code APB3-TP

Please refer to drawing for technical sizes. Swl:500kg. The base for this item is not included, remember to order separately. Shipping isn’t included in the item cost. For shipping and delivery outside of Mainland UK please phone us on 01706 822665. Available for next day delivery.

Cost of this item: £15.88 vat (£19.06)




150×150 Adjustable post base top plate ideal for post size 175/200 x 175/200 code: APB4-TP

For technical specs please reference PDF drawing. SWL: 583kg. Don’t forget to purchase the base for this item separately. Item photo contains a base also to illustrate an constructed example. Available for overnight distribution. Price does not include delivery. For areas beyond the UK please call us.

Cost per item £17.88 vat (£21.46)




Adjustable post base top plate- 80 x 80 well suited for post size 100 x 100- code: APB1-TP

Please take a look at drawing for technical sizes. SWL: 360kg. Base not included in item cost. Product photograph contains a base to demonstrate an assembled example. Price excludes delivery to mainland UK, readily available for dispatch same day. Contact us for delivery outside the UK.

Price of this item £11.88 vat (£14.26)


Please be sure to order a top and bottom plate appropriate for the size of the post.


For Post Support Bases Derby Give Us A Call


Post Support Bases Derby skilfully made by Canopy Products. Ring us on 01706 822665 and chat with our team for professional help. Speak to us if you desire to order outside of the Mainland UK to obtain a price on shipping and delivery. Talk about requirements before purchasing if you’re uncertain.


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