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Decorative gable ends are making a come back giving that elegance and style to a sometimes bland gable end. We are able to replicate your exisiting barge board or come up with a design that compliments your property.

We normally use Redwood for the barge boards but if a long life solution is required then we recommend our Accoya barge boards, particularly if the design has hand carving as a feature.

See the examples qouted as a guide. Please dont hesitate to send your own designs or a photo of an existing board you have and we will be happy to give you a qoute.

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Low maintenance Accoya Timber Dentils 150mm projection F-AD150

£13.49 | Excluding VAT

Decorative Gable Feature cruciform- F-GHC

£53.15 | Excluding VAT

Curved cruciform -F- CF4

£140.00 | Excluding VAT

Cruciform curved tie rail-F- CF3

£127.00 | Excluding VAT

Standard Cruciforms-F-CF1

£87.00 | Excluding VAT

Accoya Decorative barge board- Product Code - F-BA

£120.27 | Excluding VAT

Decorative/Heritage Barge Boards- Redwood-Code -F-BR

£96.64 | Excluding VAT

Timber Corbels 340mm projection- F-C8

£19.75 | Excluding VAT

Timber Corbels 595mm projection F-C7

£23.25 | Excluding VAT

Timber Dentils 150mm projection F-D3

£9.27 | Excluding VAT

Profiled Timber Corbels 589mm projection F-CW3

£24.93 | Excluding VAT

Timber Dentils 275mm projection F-D5

£10.49 | Excluding VAT

Timber Dentils 250 mm projection, planted foot F-D4

£16.30 | Excluding VAT

Timber Dentils 450mm projection F-D2

£14.40 | Excluding VAT

Timber Dentils 300mm projection F-D1

£11.87 | Excluding VAT

Profiled Timber Corbels 622mm projection F-CW2

£17.35 | Excluding VAT
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