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Prevent rot and keep the wet away from your post! Our range of structural height adjustable mild steel post bases are designed to carry a variety of timber post sizes and all our standard posts. Designed to be built into masonry, concreted into the ground or fixed to a concrete slab. Currently 4 different top plates are available and one sized bottom plate. These products are Zinc Elecroplated with a supreme seal 500.

Please ensure you order a top and bottom plate appropriate for the size of post.

Refer to each product for safe working load calculations-SWL. These have been calculated with a safety factor of 6 following destruction testing. Certificate number TC22517.

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Adjustable post base to take a top plate - Product : APB1-BP

£13.06 | Excluding VAT

Adjustable post base- top plate (only)- 150 x 150 suitable for post size 175/200 x 175/200 code: APB4-TP

£17.88 | Excluding VAT

Adjustable post base top plate (only)- 123 x 123 suitable for post size 150 x 150- code: APB3-TP

£15.88 | Excluding VAT

Adjustable post base top plate (only)- 100 x 100 suitable for post size 125 x 125- code: APB2-TP

£13.88 | Excluding VAT

Adjustable post base top plate (only)- 80 x 80 suitable for post size 100 x 100- code: APB1-TP

£11.88 | Excluding VAT
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