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Lead look Georgian curved low pitch bin roof/cycle shelter- GLL-BIN-Store-R


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Georgian bin store/ cycle shelter lead look GRP roof built to your specification. Manufactured in the dry and so allows you to fit in the wet!

Price is per metre square. Please do not add to the shopping basket as this is a bespoke canopy and is made to your requirements. Please send us your measurements or design for a quote.

•Example shown is 2300mm square, 40mm deep drip edge profile. No fascia board required as roof is to sit directly onto the masonry/supports. The roof void left open for site fixing of fire ratardant boards to the ceiling. The roof is fitted with stub soffits in plywood 150mm wide around four edges. The roof is fitted with four lead hip rolls, four centre lead rolls and eight intermediate lead rolls. A turned centre post is built into the carcass. A 40mm down stand is fitted to the leading edges to form a drip. The timber and plywood carcass is over lamintaed with lead look glass reinforced platic to give a realistic lead roof apperance

•Unlike some roofs this has a timber and plywood carcass ensuring more strength.

•Please send your measurements in for a qoute!



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