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Stainless Steel Adjustable post base, 150mm high, plate size 80mm x 80mm SSB1P1


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Fittings Kit Includes:

  • x4 SS m10 thru-bolts, x2 SS Pozi flange M4 wood screws

Our range of Stainless Steel post bases are designed to be resistant to extreme exposure to the elements. By keeping the timber post above the ground level out of the damp areas and allowing the post foot to dry out after rain it helps prevent decay and prolong the life of the post. Bottom plate 150mm x 150mm, 150mm high, post plate 80mm x 80mm, SWL 306kg, weight 2.1kg- SSB1P1

  • Technical- IMPORTANT. Please note on all our range of stainless steel post bases the maximum safe height above the finished floor level for any of the post supports is 150 mm. The SSB1 bases may be bolted to the finished floor surface, all the other products in the range of post bases must be concreted into the ground. The post bases are suitable for use on free standing car ports using our M24 full nut and washer set to fix the posts to the post bases by using a mortised hole in the base of the post, The post bases have a base plate with a central threaded post and nut welded to the base and a loose lock nut. The three interchangeable post plates and two post cups also have a nut welded to the plate and screw clockwise onto the post. The plates are adjustable in height from 55mm above the base to within 45mm of the top of each different height post in the range using one of the three the post plates. Care should be taken to run a nut down the thread prior to cutting the post, this will help to remove the burr at the end of the rod on removing the nut. Our post bases have 150mm x 150mm x 6 mm base plates with a 25mm hole in the centre of the plate and four 12mm holes at each corner to take 10mm sleeve bolts. The central post is A2 M24 S/S threaded rod and is welded to the post base on the underside. A A2 M24 full hex nut is fitted to the base of the post and welded to the base plate on the top face. The threaded rod is welded to the underside of the base plate All welds use 308 stainless wire. The finished products are pickled to reduce the blue burn and washed clean or dressed off with abrasive discs. Pre drill a 25mm hole in the center of the post base to the depth required to allow the threaded bar to pass inside the post. Set the post base in the required position rotate the post plate clockwise to engage the thread, set the post plate to the required height. The timber post should be positioned on the plate to check the height, if correct tighten the M24 lock nut under the post cup. drill two 4mm or pilot holes in the base of the post through the pre drilled holes in the stainless steel plate and drive the four 30mm x 6mm stainless steel wood home. The post plates screw clockwise onto the threaded rod posts along with a A2 M24 half lock nut fitted under the plates. The safe working load is calculated using a factor of safety of six.
  • Where the minimum amount of visible stainless steel is required the SSNW nut and washer set can be used to help prevent wind lift.
  • Price excludes delivery, product is available for next day delivery
  • Optional fixing kit available see fixings section
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 150 mm
Fittings Kit




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