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Stainless Steel Post Bases Fareham



Right here at Canopy Products we’ve got a wide range of post bases available. We’re also also, in addition makers of tailor-made post bases. We have numerous prestigious customers nationwide.

Metal Vertical Post Plate – SSBFH0

Stainless steel vertical post plate, 200mm polished steel, 326mm high.

All of our post bases are proofed against the weather. By having timber post above ground level out of the wet areas, allowing for the post foot dry after rain. This aids in preventing decay and additionally extends the life of the timber posts.

Bottom plate specs
155mm x 155mm x 12mm, 326mm high
Post plate specifications
120mm x 120mm x 8mm
Vertical fixing plate specifications
110mm x 90mm x 8mm,
Weight 5kg
Axial load of 2.36kn (240kg),
Lateral load of 3.4kn (346kg)
Nb: in accordance with the information listed inside our drawing P1.

The bottom plate has four 14mm drilled holes, 28mm centres from your border for 12mm fixings.

Steel bases tend to be concreted into place.

Maximum Safe Height of Stainless Steel Post Bases

Stainless Steel post bases – SSB4P1

Our choice of Steel post bases are made to be proofed against exposure to the UK weather. By maintaining your timber posts above the ground level right out the damp sections designed to permit the post foot to dry out after wet weather. It helps avert decay and therefore lengthen the life span of the timber posts.

Bottom plate
150mm x 150mm, 500mm high, post plate 80mm x 80mm, Safe Weight 52kg, weight 3.4kg – SSB4P1

The majority of our products are available on next day shipping. Item costs don’t include delivery – be sure to call us for delivery pricing for your area. Suggested fixing kits readily available see fixings segment.

Stainless Steel Post Bases Fareham by Canopy Products
1. Amazing customer support:
At Canopy Products are able to offer knowledgeable information about the best post bases for your construction project. Just give us the specs about load requirements, the installation depth, etc.

2. Finest quality components:
Unless galvanized, our post bases are created from stainless steel. They offer great durability and tremendous corrosion resistance. As well, they really are hard-wearing and will often be used again.

3. Multiple sizes, shapes, and designs:
We’ve got a huge variety of Stainless Steel post bases in numerous shapes and sizes, suitable for many different applications. Customised post bases are often available.

4. Straightforward to install:
Cement is commonly employed to set the post bases into place, as well as bolts into the sub-base.
For the best Stainless Steel Post Bases Fareham, simply call the experts at Canopy Products

Customer happiness is very important to our business and we’re very proud of our ability to provide a broad range of excellent Steel Post Bases on time and also on budget at the highest standards. Call 01706 822665 and speak to our experienced and helpful staff.


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