Stainless Steel Post Bases Highlands

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Right here at Canopy Products you can find a massive amount of post bases in stock. We're also manufacturers of tailor-made stainless steel post bases Highlands. We have numerous prestigious clientele nationwide and fitters available in your area.  

Steel Vertical Post Plate - SSBFH0 

Metal vertical post plate, 200mm polished column, 326mm in height.  
Bottom plate descriptions 
155mm x 155mm x 12mm, 326mm high 
Post plate specifications  
120mm x 120mm x 8mm 
Vertical fixing plate specs 
110mm x 90mm x 8mm,  
Weight 5kg 
Axial load of 2.36kn (240kg),  
Lateral load of 3.4kn (346kg)  
*in accordance with the aspects included within PDF P1. (LINK TO PDF)  
The post bases use a base plate which also has a central tube welded in to a base plate and also the load bearing plate. The bottom plate has 4 14mm drilled holes, 28mm from your sides intended for 12mm fixings.  
The fixing plate has four 10mm holes for the purpose of 9.5mm dowels of your liking. The tube which is exposed happens to be brush polished. 
Steel bases will be concreted straight into place. 

Bottom plate specifications 

150mm x 150mm, 500mm high, post plate 80mm x 80mm, Safe Weight 52kg, weight 3.4kg - SSB4P1 
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Stainless Steel Post Bases Highlands made by Canopy Products 


1. Superb client satisfaction: 
At Canopy Products, we pride themselves on producing extremely good customer satisfaction & professional advice. If you want guidance selecting the proper product for your build/project we'll be ready to help you decide what are the appropriate products to ensure a safe and durable build 
2. Top quality materials: 
Apart from our galvanized items, our post bases are fabricated out of stainless-steel. They give higher toughness and fantastic corrosion resistance. Furthermore, they're hard-wearing and can be used again. 
3. We have a large range of diverse post bases: 
You will discover there's a wide number of Stainless-steel post bases in numerous styles, ideal for many applications. Tailored post bases will also be available. 

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Stainless Steel Post Bases Highlands