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Stainless Steel Post Bases Pontypridd



At Canopy Products you will find there’s a massive amount of Metal post bases readily available. We’re also producers of tailor-made post bases. We have many renowned customers all over the country.

Stainless Steel Vertical Post Plate – SSBFH0

Stainless steel vertical post plate, 200mm brush polished steel, 326mm high.

We have manufactured our own Steel post bases to be very resistant to severe exposure to the elements. .

Bottom plate specs
155mm x 155mm x 12mm, 326mm high
Post plate specifications
120mm x 120mm x 8mm
Vertical fixing plate specs
110mm x 90mm x 8mm,
Weight 5kg
Axial load of 2.36kn (240kg),
Lateral load of 3.4kn (346kg)
in accordance with the canopy roofing data held within PDF drawing P1.

The post bases possess a base plate with a central tube post and is welded into the foot plate and the load bearing plate. The fixing plate is welded centrally over the load bearing plate. The base plate has 4 14mm holes, 28mm centres from the edge intended for 12mm fixings.

Metal post bases are generally concreted directly into place.

Installing Metal Post Bases

Highly safe from nature’s elements stainless-steel post bases. By having the wooden post above the ground level away from the wet zones and making it possible for the post foot to dry following wet weather. It helps in avoiding rot and also improves the life span of the timber posts.

Bottom plate specifications
150mm x 150mm, 500mm high, post plate 80mm x 80mm, Safe Weight 52kg, weight 3.4kg – SSB4P1

Delivery of Stainless Steel Post Bases Pontypridd

Price excludes shipping and delivery; items are generally available for overnight delivery.

Why recommend Canopy Products for all your Stainless Steel Post Bases Pontypridd?

1. Unique client satisfaction:
Canopy Products and our knowledgeable team take great attention and interest in administering first class client care & professional advice. Should you require assistance picking the right products for the project we will be equipped to help you choose the most effective solutions for your projects

2. Only top quality materials will be used:
Apart from our galvanized post bases, all our post bases are made from stainless-steel. They feature substantial robustness and superb corrosion resistance. And, they really are resilient and might be reused.

3. Many different shapes and models:
Right here at Canopy Products, we store countless styles of steel post bases in Pontypridd. We could also deliver bespoke products suitable for your building project.

For optimum Stainless Steel Post Bases Pontypridd, simply call the specialists at Canopy Products

Ring Canopy Products for qualified guidance and ideal solutions on 01706 822665. Our expert team can assist you through our extensive range of products and offer you the best prices.

Canopy Fitters wanted in Pontypridd

We are always glad to hear from experienced canopy fitters in Pontypridd. Give us a call if you would like to extend your portfolio.


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