Stainless Steel Post Bases Sherborne

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At Canopy Products you will find there's a massive amount of post bases in stock. We're also producers of custom post bases. We have a lot of prestigious clientele across the country who return every time for their post bases on new projects.  

Steel Vertical Post Plate - SSBFH0 

Stainless steel vertical post plate SSBF0 is 200mm polished steel, 326mm in height.  
Bottom plate  
155mm x 155mm x 12mm, 326mm high 
Post plate specs  
120mm x 120mm x 8mm 
Vertical fixing plate specifications 
110mm x 90mm x 8mm,  
Weight 5kg 
Axial load of 2.36kn (240kg),  
Lateral load of 3.4kn (346kg)  
Details enclosed in this PDF drawing P1. (LINK TO PDF)  
The plate has four x 14mm holes, 28mm from the edge to receive 12mm fixings.  
Steel bases are generally concreted in place. 
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Highest Safe Height of Steel Post Bases  

Note: on all of our range of steel post bases the absolute maximum safe height for the post supports are100mm. These posts are constructed to get used together with timber engineered architecture. 
Our own wide range of Stainless Steel post bases are produced to be proof against exposure to bad weather. By keeping the post above ground level out of the moist locations and letting the post foot to dry helps in avoiding rot, plus expands the life of your post.  

Bottom plate specifications 
150mm x 150mm, 500mm high, post plate 80mm x 80mm, Safe Weight 52kg, weight 3.4kg - SSB4P1 

Delivery and Installation of Stainless Steel Post Bases Sherborne

Virtually all our items are available with next day shipment. Our prices do not include shipment costs - don't hesitate to give us a call for shipment costs in your area. 
We have installers available for fitting in your area.

Stainless Steel Post Bases Sherborne by Canopy Products 

1. Incomparable support: 
Here at Canopy Products we will be able to deliver qualified advice about the most suitable post bases for your intended applications. If you possibly could give us the installation depth, load requirements, and the needs you have we can advise you the best product to apply. 
2. Our company uses the best materials: 
We make use of the best quality stainless steel to make post bases. Due to this fact, our post bases are sturdy, highly weather resistant, and could very well be reused. 
3. A wide array of sizes and styles: 
Canopy products houses a lot of different Stainless-steel post bases in several different sizes and shapes, designed for a number of applications. Custom post bases might also be obtainable. 

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Stainless Steel Post Bases Sherborne