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Timber Gallows Brackets Derby



If you’re shopping for timber gallows brackets Derby, give professionals at Canopy Products Limited a ring. We’ve got an exceptional variety of stocked, plus customized gallows brackets and can also deliver to you in Derby.

Timber gallows brackets Derby

The two main models of timber gallows brackets, standard and heavy-duty, and we are able to feature 50 different kinds of these to you.
Our own Standard Range:
• Straight Brace
• Curved Brace
• Shaped Brace
• Corbel Brace
If you need for Straight Brace timber gallows brackets you will find a fantastic selection for you to pick from.
We have now approximately fifteen varieties of curved braced gallows brackets priced from £41 .
In our Shaped Brace Gallows Brackets collection we have now roughly 10 variations. Many are priced from just £34 plus vat, impressive.
Our most cost effective variety of gallows brackets are our very own corbel brace brackets that will be charged from just £22.54. Our company has 3 incredible styles that you can select.
In the heavy duty range of timber gallows brackets we have:
• Heavy duty
• Engineered
Our heavy duty range has 2 options which both cost around £167; they are completely different style and design holding a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 273kg.
Available from around £160 and a SWL of almost 370kg, our very own Engineered Timber Gallows Brackets are incredibly popular as they’re good value.
If you need a fixing kit, or perhaps a resin kit these are also available.

Getting the Timber Gallows Brackets Derby Delivered to your Door

With Canopy Products we can deliver timber gallows brackets Derby If the order comes in early enough, we try and dispatch in-stock same day for next day delivery. Many brackets are in stock unless otherwise stated on the web page. To discuss any one of our products contact our Customer Service Department on 44 (0) 1706 822665


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