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Timber Gallows Brackets Falkirk



If you’re thinking of buying timber gallows brackets Falkirk, give professionals at Canopy Products Limited a ring. With over fifty timber gallows brackets readily available for shipment to Falkirk, and skilfully crafted, so why choose any other company?

Timber gallows brackets Falkirk

Here at Canopy Products you’ll find a standard range as well as heavy duty timber gallows brackets available.
Our Standard Range:
• Straight Brace
• Curved Brace
• Shaped Brace
• Corbel Brace
With the Straight Brace range of timber gallows brackets our company has in excess of 20 different types that include several forms of mono pitched brackets.
Price from roughly £40, we’ve got 15 styles of curved braced gallows brackets from which to select.
In our Shaped Brace Gallows Brackets line our company has about 10 variations. They are priced from only £34 , unbelievable.
The Corbel Brace gallows brackets start from only £22.54, in which we have three wonderful styles to select from.
In the heavy duty selection of timber gallows brackets we now have:
• Heavy-duty
• Engineered
Possessing a SWL (Safe Working Load) of more than 270kg, our own heavy duty variety costs less than £190.
Engineered Gallows Brackets can hold safe working loads of as much as 369kg! Priced from £160 too rendering them ultra-economical.
Fixing kits and resin kits are offered too, quickly add them to your basket.

Delivery service of timber gallows brackets Falkirk

We supply our timber gallows brackets to anywhere in Falkirk. If the order gets here early enough, we attempt to dispatch in-stock same day for following day delivery. A majority of our items are in stock waiting for dispatch unless a pre-order message is displayed in the items description. For stock availability or if you have any queries phone us on 01706 822665 or e-mail [email protected]


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