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Wooden Door Canopies Birmingham

Wooden Door Canopies Birmingham

Purchasing Wooden Door Canopies Birmingham

Wooden door canopies will make a wonderful addition to the appearance of your residence. If going into or leaving the house, nothing is worse than getting saturated because of the rain, specially when you are getting house keys from a pocket or perhaps set down our shopping. A wonderful answer might be a door canopy. Not only will it offer defence against weather conditions for yourself, but it will keep the door and entrance area protected too.

Our own tasteful front door as well as porch canopies can be found in a variety of fashions along with colours, as well as have been designed to produce the most suitable finishing touch to your home. Not only practical, in addition they give your home character along with adding property value.

Types of wooden door canopies Birmingham

Flat RoofsWooden Door Canopies Birmingham

Flat roofs are a simple option, supplying a quality structural look for the home. Our company has 2 flat roof styles that come in a range of different choices, the Wilmslow and Ashton ranges.
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Georgian RoofsWooden Door Canopies Birmingham

All of our Georgian canopies are designed to order, remember to phone us prior to buying. To give an example you’ll find displayed two products of varying dimensions and prices.
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Mono Pitched CanopyWooden Door Canopies Birmingham

All of our Mono Pitched canopies undoubtedly are a very simple solution to your home offering weather protection. Our Mono Pitched collection consists of Durolite, Moorland, Slate Effect, Swankley and Dalesmen.
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Dual Pitched CanopyWooden Door Canopies Birmingham

If you’re looking for a top quality architectural look then a dual pitched canopy would be most suitable. This wide range includes Rivington, Edgeworth, Holcombe, Coltishall, Ventnor, Victorian, Walmersley, Turton, and the Ashworth.
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Canopy Products Produce Wooden Door Canopies Birmingham

Call the experts at Canopy Products on 01706 822665 to discuss and purchase wooden door canopies Birmingham, or to speak about a customised canopy, we’ll be happy to help you.


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