Accoya Finial 700mm high F-A-TF4

Accoya Finial 700mm high F-A-TF4

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• F-A-TF4 700mm high ex 100mm x 100mm.
•Turned Accoya Wood finial with ball caped conical finial, a ball mount to the top and a ball pendant to the bottom, stop bevelled. 
•Accoya Wood 100% FSC-COC. The material is covered with a 50 year above ground guarantee, subject to fixing and treatment conditions.
•Technical- Finish Planed all round timber. All seen surfaces are twice sanded (80s grit and 100s grit) sandpapers, all arises are removed with glass-paper. Structural Suitability- Not structural. Laminated from two pieces for extra stability. Dip treated with Protim microporous stain.
•Delivery- usually dispatched for next day delivery.

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