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Thermowood is a type of heat-treated timber that offers several advantages over regular timber. Some of the advantages of thermowood include:

Improved stability: The heat treatment process improves the dimensional stability of the wood by reducing its tendency to expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity.
Enhanced durability: Thermowood is more resistant to decay, rot, and insect attack than untreated wood. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications such as decking, cladding, and fencing.
Better insulation properties: The heat treatment process improves the insulation properties of the wood, making it a good choice for use in energy-efficient buildings.
Improved appearance: Thermowood has a distinctive, dark color and a uniform texture that gives it a unique and attractive appearance.
Sustainable: The thermowood production process is environmentally friendly as it uses only heat and steam, with no chemicals or additives required.

Overall, thermowood is a versatile and durable material that offers a range of benefits for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Thermowood has gained wide acceptance in the UK for cladding and decking, but until now, Blackwoodmill Group has been the first to introduce Thermowood to the UK for manufacturing posts and bollards. While in Europe, it is already commonly used for landscaping, garden, and timber construction structures.

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Thermowood post  finishing 141mm x 141mmRef - PEFC-THW141
Thermowood post finishing 141mm x 141mm
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