Heavy DutyTimber Gallows Bracket 1200mm projection Code - F-SG125-12-T

Heavy DutyTimber Gallows Bracket 1200mm projection Code - F-SG125-12-T

Product Code: F-SG125-12-T
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Fittings Kit Includes:

  • Through bolts M12 140mm x2
  • X 2 Oak mushroom caps
  • For the following brackets (section sizes 100mm)

Resin Kit Includes:

  • x2resin set 200mm M16
  • X2 mushroom caps

FSG125-12-T timber bracket, High- 1200mm, Projection 1200mm, head and upright 125mm x 100mm, brace 175mm x 75mm. weight 22kg. SWL 273kg.

• Leading edges of the head and upright and four edges of the brace are bevelled, the bevels are returned to leading edge of the upright and head. The leading edge of the brace has double convex and concave curves with a plumb cut in the centre and at the foot.
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•Technical- FSC COC. The timber is European Vth redwood. Heavy duty product constructed with a twin mortise and tenon joint to the head and upright, single mortise and tenon to the brace ends. The joints are glued with urea formaldehyde powder resin (Cascamite) mixed with water and brush applied to tenons. The mortise and tenon joints are pneumatically clamped and the joints secured pegged with 18mm beech dowels. Finish Planed all round timber. Bevels are 10mm and 12mm across the flats. All seen surfaces are twice sanded (80s grit and 100s grit) sandpapers. The safe working load is stated with a factor of six. Calculations to find the load should be obtained to prove the suitability of the product for your application. Dip treated with microporous base coat stain.

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