Buy Accoya Coventry

Buy Accoya Coventry


Accoya products are created from an eco friendly source that undergoes a non-toxic preparation technique called acetylation forever transforming the wood. The results are a stunning wood which provides an extremely durable and high performance. 
After acetylation, the Accoya wood will be an excellent option for items like finials, door frames, windows, and so on. It's well suited for uses where tolerances are tight in spite of conditions. Accoya wood is furthermore just the thing for uses where pure beauty of wood is required, but in which sustainability and high performance is required, for instance decking.  

Features and Benefits to Buy Accoya Coventry


Listed below are some of the many benefits of Accoya Wood 
Stable in all Dimensions 
Swelling and Shrinkage lessened by 75% 
Windows and doors are able to open up easily throughout the year 
Minimal routine maintenance costs 
Long life 
Accoya wood can last upto half a century higher than ground level and two-and-a-half decades underground or fresh water 
Proof against rotting 
A minimum 70 year service life reported by TRADA 
Finishes last two times more as a result of improved stability 
A lot less prep required 
A Natural Insulator 
Better insulation 
Perfect on applications where energy conservation is required 
Fantastic Machinability 
No specialized tools necessary to machine and process 
Termite Free 
Almost all pests will find Accoya woods indigestible 
Quality is Continuous 
Doesn't require preservatives when cut or planed 
Constant, measurable modification quality from the surface area to center 
Naturally Stunning Wood 
The treatment process is not going to compromise all-natural attractiveness of the wood 
Regionally certified timber from PEFC and FSC 
Naturally Tough 
Elevated durability 
Higher strength to weight ratio 
This process does not damage the timber's toughness 
Can be risk-free recycled, reused and incinerated 
Helps to protect the atmosphere from nasty effects of various other standard timber treatments 
Barefoot Safe 
Perfect for decking situations for instance pools, steam rooms and sauna rooms 
Reduced thermal gain 
Considerably less wooden splinters 

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