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Accoya products are constructed from eco-friendly sources that undergoes a process of preparation which is a non-toxic acetylation forever changing the wood. Thus giving the wood a higher performance, is durable and has a stunning finish. 
Accoya wood is ideal for windows and doors, as well as finials. It really is ideal for uses where tolerances are tight in spite of conditions. Accoya wood is also best for moistened, hot areas, for example steam rooms.  

Buying Accoya York, Characteristics & Benefits 

Listed below are some of the many advantages of Accoya Wood 
Stable in all Dimensions 
Shrinking and expanding could be decreased by up to 75% 
Doors and windows have the ability to open up very easily month in month out 
Decreased maintenance fees 
Long-lasting around 25 yrs below ground or in water, or possibly a massive 50 years above the earth, Accoya wood is hugely durable 
Rot proof 
As per TRADA Accoya woods have a seventy year minimum service life 
Surface Coatings 
Finishes last two times longer on account of improved stability 
Much less sanding or other prep work will be necessary compared to other timber 
Naturally Insulating 
Provides improved insulation compared with other popular hard and softwoods 
Perfect on applications where energy conservation is required 
Good Machinability 
No exclusive tools required to machine and process 
Insects Can't Stand It 
Most pests find Accoya woods indigestible 
Regular Quality Throughout 
Doesn't require preservative chemicals when cut or planed 
Continuous, measurable modification quality from the surface to centre 
Naturally Attractive Wood 
The treatment process isn't going to damage the natural beauty of the wood 
From Sustainable Sources 
Regionally certified timber from PEFC and FSC 
Naturally renewable 
Naturally Tough 
Elevated durability 
High toughness to weight ratio 
The process does not affect the timber's strength 
Non-Toxic Recyclable 
Can be risk-free recycled, reused and incinerated 
Safeguards environmental surroundings from harmful effects of some other typical wooden treatment options 
Barefoot Safe 
An excellent option for deck situations such as saunas, steam rooms, pools 

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