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Galvanised Post Bases Birmingham



Additionally often known as shoes, these fencing components add many years to the life span of your fence. They are going to enable moisture to leave the posts as they’re not right into the floor as in the past they would be placed in cement footings. Shipped directly to Birmingham as well as Country wide, these kind of post bases permit the posts to be raised above ground level, while remaining anchored firmly to the concrete footing, protecting the moistness away from your wooden posts.

A Huge Selection of Galvanised Post Bases

At Canopy Products, you can find a fantastic selection of galvanised post bases to fit most sizes of post. Our full range of post bases can be constructed into masonry, cemented in to the ground or permanently fixed to a layer of concrete.

Galvanised Cup Post Bases

Galvanised cup post bases are designed to ensure they are weather resistant. By keeping the wooden post higher than ground level out of the moist areas and enabling the post foot to dry after wet weather this helps to stop decay and expand the life span of the wooden posts.

The Right Way to Fit Galvanised Post Bases Birmingham

Fix to cement with 2No 100mm x M10 thru-bolts. You might also concrete the post bases to the foundations. The wooden post can be fixed to the base with not one but two 40mm x 8mm coach screws as appropriate. Fixing kits offered see the fixing section.

Cup post bases usually are 60mm deep, 100mm x 100mm x 3mm. 2 No 10mm holes are drilled in to the cup. A 12mm drain and 35mm post hole will be laser cut to profile to the sole plate. The sole plate to be 93.5mm x 93.5mm x 3mm. The 150mm x 150mm x 3 mm base plate is laser cut along with a 35mm post hole and two No x 12mm holes inside the edges of the base plate for fixing bolts if necessary. The cup is welded to the base plate and to the steel tube.

Galvanised Post Bases Birmingham Overnight Distribution

Galvanised Post Bases Birmingham are accessible for overnight shipping. Communicate with Canopy Products on 01706 822665.


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