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Save time on fitting and waiting for the weather! Factory fabricated roof overlays. Designs are built using timber and plywood to achieve the shape and configuration required. A GRP coating is applied over the finished carcass to give a close resemblance to lead work. Note these are a fully fabricated roof structure, including 100mm of insulation, not just a moulded GRP skin. We are happy to discuss your individual requirements. 

The prices qouted are a guidance and vary dependant on the type of soffit, facia and insulation thickness required. Our standard finish is a white fascia, plywood soffit and a lead grey to the roof.

Please send us a photo of the roof its replacing and a simple drawing showing measurements but taking care to ensure you have sufficient height above your frames to allow for the canopy and flashing. Please allow overhang for the soffit so rainfall doesnt cause a drumming on the cill. If a gutter is required please advise and the design can be altered to accomadate.

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Lead look Georgian curved low pitch bin roof/cycle shelter- GLL-BIN-Store-R

£600.00 | Excluding VAT

splay bay window roof- F- PLL-135-S-B-R

£550.00 | Excluding VAT

Georgian lead look curved Bay window roof/ canopy- F-GLLC-SQ-B-R

£500.00 | Excluding VAT

low fall lead look semi-circular Bay window- GSC


Georgian lead look GRP bay roof

£500.00 | Excluding VAT

Bay window lead look low fall GRP roof. GSC-B-R

£250.00 | Excluding VAT
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