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Post Supports, post shoes and post bases from Canopy Products. Safe working loads on the post bases have been calculated where applicable.

Post, Bollard, Column, Glulam, LVL , CLT-Plates, Bases, Supports, Shoes, Fence post metal base supports. Post Bolt down shoe.  Note these are quality metal bases that are designed to last.

Bulk structural post base orders please contact us

Bespoke bases, Timber Engineering and Glulam connectors including Flitch plates fabricated to order. Bespoke Stainless steel connectors and post bases for timbers such as Oak and Accoya, made to order. Please send your drawings through.

Prevent rot and keep the wet away from your post! Post bases prevent the uptake of water on the post. Our range of structural post bases are designed to carry a variety of timber, Fence, Glulam, mass timber and Engineered posts or columns in all shapes and sizes and all fit our standard posts. Designed to be built into masonry, concreted and embedded into the ground or fixed to a concrete slab. Heavy duty, highly resistant post bases are available. Full structural calculations where applicable and technical support is available on our Holz Technic range.

holz- echnic

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