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Dovecotes G.R.P. Georgian Dovecote 685mm x685mm D-C2


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Dovecotes G.R.P. Dovecote  with Georgian roof 685mm x 685mm- D-C2

•The dovecote is a square two part, grey lead look roof and white UV resistant carcass and is a two part fabrication with an open base. The roof fits over the flange on the carcass and are laminated together to form the fabrication.

•The dovecote has a Georgian roof.

•Optional weather vain is available. Please contact us for details.

• Technical-  The Dovecote is a two-piece fabrication; the carcass section is a white one-piece hollow fabrication.

The white one-piece UV resistant carcass has a vertical flange that the roof is laminated to be fixed to.

The roof section is lead look grey and fits over the vertical flange on the white carcass and is laminated together to form the dovecote.

The dovecote can be fixed with 4 No galvanised perforated fixing straps fabricated on the inside of the dovecote body hanging 150mm below the down stand using wood screws and repair washers.

• Dimensions-  1413mm high, 650mm high from base to top of body, 763mm high roof. 720mm x 720mm external roof, 600mm x 600mm external body, 685mm x 685mm external body flange size, 679mm x 679mm internal body flange size, 50mm high body flange height. Weight approx 16kg.



Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 685 × 685 × 1413 mm


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