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Galvanised Steel Flanged Pin 210mm high receives post size 75mm x 75mm GSF-PIN75


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Our range of Gavanised Steel post bases are designed to be resistant to exposure to the elements. By keeping the timber post above the ground level out of the damp areas and allowing the post foot to dry out after rain it helps prevent decay and prolong the life of the post.

  • The products are made from steel round bars with two square plates welded to the bar. To be built into masonry or to be concreted into the ground. SWL- 1750kg/17.16kn*
  • Technical- The square plates are welded onto the bar. Holes are drilled to receive sleeve bolts and wood screws. The completed product is hot dip galvanized.  GSF/PIN75 210mm high, 20mm diameter bar, with Base plate  90mm x 90mm x 6mm and flange plate 65mm x 65mmx 6mm, 130mm high from the base welded under side. ** Proof load applied and calculated with a safety factor of 6. Please ensure you refer to a structural engineer to ensure the product is suitable for your application.
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