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Low maintenance Accoya Timber Dentils fully finished in white


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F-AD150 Profiled timber dentils. Bulk prices can be applied.

Accoya is warranted to last at least 50 years.

150mm projection, ex150mm x ex150mm x 69mm

Used as decorative feature in soffits, door surrounds and decorative lintels.

Low maintenance. Fully finished In a Teknos White. Black available.

Accoya wood is modified all the way through, not just at the surface like traditional envelope treatments. This modification technique has two key advantages:

Using an array of sophisticated and proven analytical techniques, the producers of Accoya wood ensure that every batch is of consistent quality and reaches the highest possible level in durability and dimensional stability versus the unpredictability of other choices.

When Accoya wood is cut or jointed there are no exposed non-acetylated surfaces in any dimension. This completely negates the need to apply additional chemical preservatives on-site, as is necessary with unmodified or envelope treated woods.

Dimensional stability (resistance to swelling and shrinkage) exceeds all commonly used species, including Teak, Sapele and Iroko.

Accoya wood has been tested over prolonged periods in all types of weathering. Paints and varnishes lasts 3 or 4 times longer greatly reducing maintenance costs

Indigestible to insects and micro organisms and is therefore more resistant to decay. Barrier to wood destroying fungi.

Superior resistance to UV degradation when translucent coated and its natural appearance lasts longer. The ultimate substrate and coating life is increased.

The process does not compromise the woods strength. Hardness is increased. High strength to weight ratio, making it suitable for challenging applications.

Non toxic protecting the environment from the harmful affects of poisons leaching out of typical wood treatment

•Technical-The dentils are made Accoya. Finish Planed all round timber. the shapes are cross grain spindle moulded to profile. All seen surfaces are twice sanded (80s grit and 100s grit) sandpapers, all arises are removed with glass-paper. Primed and finished in White.

•Price excludes delivery product is available for next day delivery

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 0.15 × 0.15 × 0.69 mm


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