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Profiled Timber Corbels 622mm projection F-CW2


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Profiled corbels. 622 mm projection, 150mm x 50mm, weight 2.2kg.

•Technical-The corbels are made from European redwood, kiln dried. INT-COC-003944.274. Finish Planed all round timber. All curved surfaces bandsawn, and spindle moulder planned to profile. All seen surfaces are twice sanded (80s grit and 100s grit) sandpapers, all arises are removed with glass-paper. The outer bottom edge of the corbel has concave/convex curves curves and a plumb cut start and level cut Finish. The products can be used structurally if built into the masonry. Calculations to find the load should be obtained to prove the suitability of the product for your application. Dip treated with micro porus base coat stain.

•Price is for a single item and excludes delivery, product available for next day delivery.

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 589 × 0.065 × 0.2 mm


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