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Stainless steel cup Internal -139mm x 139mm post, 350mm high – SSBA


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This is designed for Our Accoya post range (139 x 139mm) and is regularly used to be built in to a stub wall. Also used for other high Acidic Timbers.

Fittings Kit Includes:

  • X4 M10 80mm SS thru-bolts. M8 SS domed nuts + M8 threaded bar 155mm.

Our range of Stainless Steel post bases are designed to be resistant to extreme exposure to the elements. By keeping the timber post above the ground level out of the damp areas and allowing the post foot to dry out after rain it helps prevent decay and prolong the life of the post. Bottom plate 150mm x 150mm,  cup 60mm high, post cup internal 139mm x 139mm, SWL , weight 2.5kg – SSBA


•Technical- IMPORTANT. Please note on all our range of stainless steel post bases the maximum safe height above the finished floor level for any of the post supports is 100 mm. The bases may be bolted to the finished floor surface, but designed to be concreted into the ground or built in to a wall. Post base plate 150mm x 150mm x 5mm, the cup has a 12mm wind restraint hole in two faces of the cup 25mm down from the top lip and in the centre of the face. A 3mm laser cut plate with a 34.2mm central hole and 12mm radial corner cuts (water drainage) is welded 6mm up from the bottom of the square cup. The post base has a 34.2mm central hole and two 12mm diameter fixing holes 25mm in from the edges. The tube is welded to the base plate.

•Price exclude delivery, product is available for next day delivery

•Optional fixing kit available see fixings section

Weight 3.5 kg
Fittings Kit




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