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Do you need to buy high quality Door Canopies Sheffield? Here at Canopy Products, we make and deliver solid timber canopies to England and Ireland.
For sale in various designs, door canopies look wonderful and also offer protection from the elements.

Obtainable Varieties of Door Canopies Sheffield

We create five types of timber canopies:
Georgian Splay Bay Roof, Hipped Pitch Canopy, Flat Roof, Mono Pitched Canopies, Dual Pitched Canopies.
For flat roof canopies, you’ll find we have many unique styles you could choose, to shop the complete range, click here
 Flat Roof Canopy Technical specs.
The Ashton Canopy.
Lead work is received on-site.
Width 1470mm x Projection 440mm – FA4L
•The Ashton is a traditional timber and plywood canopy. The lead will not be provided with the door canopy. 1164mm Max Brick Opening.
•Two C7 dummy timber corbel brackets supplied to finish the door canopy.
•Tech – Galvanized steel arms keep the canopies weight back to the masonry out of sight, in the canopy carcass. The Canopy is commonly treated with a basecoat stain that is micro porous known as Protek. Weight 39kg.
• The Ashton Canopy comes in several different sizes , view details here. Available in stock and offered on next day shipping.
• Broader canopies can be accomplished. Please allow 10 days for shipping.
Saddleworth Canopy. 
• Width 1352mm x Projection 547mm, optimum brick opening 1030mm – FA3
• Lead to be supplied – give us a call for lead.
• Two brackets will be supplied in order to complete the canopy.
• With a weight of 19kg, the Saddleworth is constructed from 9mm plywood soffit, 9mm plywood deck that is glued and stapled to 100mm x 25mm joists. A 100mm x 25mm wall plate. Nailed to 3 sides is a grooved 125mm x 25mm fascia board. Treated with Protek base coat.
• 1352mm kept in stock. Available for next day distribution. Price does not include shipping.
• Much bigger canopies can be produced to order. You should allow 10 days to dispatch. Ring us for more information.
Wilmslow Wood Door Canopy 
• To receive lead work Breadth 1470mm x Projection 690mm – W1
• The Wilmslow is a typical timber and plywood canopy, lead will not be delivered. 1164mm max brick opening.
• The canopy is furnished with galvanised steel support arms which will need to be bolted to the masonry and tucked away in the canopy carcass. Elaborate timber corbels are provided to finish the set.
• Soffit is 9mm plywood, struts 9mm plywood and 9mm deck with 50mm x 50mm stretchers. Fascia board tongued 150mm x 25mm. Molded architrave of 100mm x 25mm. Lambs tongue moulding 75mm x 75mm. Cured with Protek micro porous basecoat. 53kg weight.
• Price tags don’t include delivery, this is included at the check out. Held in stock at 1470mm as standard for next day delivery.

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