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Our quality wooden timber door canopies come in many designs to complement many style of home. Offering weather protection to your door at a fraction of the cost of a porch and give that kerb appeal to a property.

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Disley Curved eyebrow timber door canopy- Products code F-DC1

£667.30 | Excluding VAT

Ashton Wooden Door Canopy Width 1800mm x Projection 690mm to receive lead work- Product code-F-ASH-1800-690

£420.27£675.27 | Excluding VAT

Flat Wilmslow Timber Door Canopies 1800mm wide 690mm projection-Product code-F-WILM-1800-690

£496.96£751.96 | Excluding VAT

Mono Pitch Ramsbottom Door Canopies 1650mm wide, 750mm projection. Code - F-PCSR-A01

£580.00£613.00 | Excluding VAT

Period dual pitch timber door canopy- Fully Assembled* 1620mm wide,800mm projection- The Bacup F-DP1

£628.00 | Excluding VAT

Period Dual pitch canopy- Coltishall ,1620mm wide, 600mm projection- F-A4-C2

£369.27£399.27 | Excluding VAT

F-ASHWORTH 4 - Period dual pitch timber door canopy 1620mm wide,600mm projection

£334.01 | Excluding VAT

Double Hipped Canopy- Code - F-DHC

£512.00 | Excluding VAT

Single hip canopy- F-SHC

£393.00 | Excluding VAT

Georgian canopy to receive lead- Code - F-GCL

£1,052.00 | Excluding VAT

Georgian 45 degree splay bay roof- Code - F-GSBR

£1,100.00 | Excluding VAT

Flat WilmslowTimber Door Canopies 1470mm wide 440mm projection Code - F-WILM-1470-440

£435.20£640.20 | Excluding VAT

Flat Wilmslow Timber Door Canopies 1470mm wide 690mm projection-Product code-F-WILM-1470-690

£467.20£721.96 | Excluding VAT

Flat SaddleworthTimber Door Canopies 1352mm wide 547mm projection- Product Code -F-SAD

£255.00£395.00 | Excluding VAT

Flat AshtonTimber Door Canopies 1470mm wide 440mm projection- Product code- F-ASH-1470-440

£363.20£568.20 | Excluding VAT

Mono Pitch Timber Dalesman Door Canopies 3000mm to 4000mm, 700mm projection Code - F-DC5BC

£422.29£500.29 | Excluding VAT
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